NextUp publishes 7 new stand-up specials

Wednesday 8th May 2024, 6:11pm

Amy Matthews

Specials from Alistair Barrie, Jo Griffin, Ollie Horn, Charlie Baker, Amy Matthews, Jason Byrne and Lulu Popplewell are now available on streaming platform NextUp.

Tom Brandt from NextUp says: "We're thrilled to be launching these incredible specials to the platform. Each comedian brings a unique style and perspective to their show, ensuring there's something for everyone - whether it's grumpy topical material expertly delivered by Alistair Barrie, or debut comedy asking the crucial questions of our time (such as which drug would Mr Bean be most likely to take) from Lulu Popplewell, they all guarantee big laughs."

The shows are described as follows:

Alistair Barrie: Woke in Progress

Alistair Barrie: Woke in Progress. Alistair Barrie

Alistair Barrie wasn't planning on writing a new show until the Conservative Party started playing musical chairs in Downing Street. Liz Truss blamed her downfall on woke culture, and if you agree with her, this probably isn't the show for you. But if you like topical comedy from a professionally grumpy man looking for any excuse to avoid his parental responsibilities, you'll be glad to hear Alistair was one of the few people not on strike in 2023.

Jo Griffin: The Power Hour

Jo Griffin: The Power Hour. Jo Griffin

When Jo (36, single, living in a houseshare with five strangers off the internet - humble brag!) found herself legs akimbo, on a medicinal magic mushroom retreat in the Welsh mountains earlier this year, she thought she might have finally felt power for the first time in her life. The Power Hour is for anyone questioning the heteronormative boxes who's ready to take on the big boy topics, from the world melting to chin-hair plucking. Come join Jo for her first self healing psychedelic trip! Jo was shortlisted for the BBC New Comedy Award & Funny Women Awards 2023 and her debut Edinburgh show sold out Soho Theatre.

Ollie Horn: Not Much

Ollie Horn: Not Much. Ollie Horn

Following a sell-out 12-country tour for his critically-acclaimed 2021 show, one of the UK's most exciting storytellers is back with a candid new hour about the remarkable unimportance of the skill he's worked for the last decade to get exceptionally good at: stand-up comedy.

Charlie Baker: 24 Hour Pasty People

Charlie Baker: 24 Hour Pasty People. Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker, the award-winning comedian, tap dancer and Talksport radio host toured this hour of stand-up drenched in manure, cider and clotted cream around UK villages/towns/cattle markets. Now he's gone digital for the whole world to embrace comedy with a countryside accent. Imagine Jethro and Jack Black had a son. Job's a good 'un. Proper job.

Amy Matthews: I Feel Like I'm Made of Spiders

Amy Matthews: I Feel Like I'm Made of Spiders. Amy Matthews

Amy Matthews spins a sparkling web of comedy magic drawn from the two states she finds herself caught between - stability and restlessness. She swings between the unbridled joy in the freedom that everything can change, and the crawling anxiety that nothing is certain. This is a show about the thrill of falling and the thud of landing. And after a thud comes a laugh.

Jason Byrne: The Ironic Bionic Man

Jason Byrne

Jason Byrne, half man, half natural disaster. Over the course of his accident-prone life Jason has been rebuilt from the ground up. Bits removed, metal pins, new knee, and an eye that's been treated, over the years, by the medical profession like a game of Pong. This all culminated last year with heart surgery, twice! He enjoyed it so much he went back for more. Join the most gifted live comedian on the planet as he invites you to laugh at his misfortune. If he tried to say Schadenfreude, he'd probably dislocate his tongue.

Lulu Popplewell: Actually Actually

Lulu Popplewell: Actually Actually. Lulu Popplewell

In her debut solo show, Lulu Popplewell explores the links between Love Actually, smoking crack, the Daily Mail and sunburn. Is love actually all around? Why is addiction more relatable than recovery? Which drug would Mr Bean be most likely to take? None of these questions satisfactorily answered and more! A daft, rude and thoughtful hour of jokes, actually.

In addition to the new specials, NextUp will continue its regular live-streams from some of the UK's top comedy venues. Scheduled shows include Roast Battle Scotland at Edinburgh's Monkey Barrel (14th May & 11th June), Live from the Bill Murray (16th May, 30th May, 13th June & 27th June), Glee Club Birmingham (31st May, 28th June), Beat the Frog (Frog & Bucket, 3rd June), Comedy Knockout (Backyard Comedy, 4th June) and A Night of Alternative Comedy with Colin Hoult at the Museum of Comedy (12th June).

Additionally, on 29th May, NextUp will be streaming a special live performance from Stuart Laws, performing his show Is That Guy Still Going?.

Subscribers to the streaming platform can access all the shows via

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