Tom Houghton publishes Absolute Shambles stand-up special on YouTube

Wednesday 15th November 2023, 8:20am

Tom Houghton

Tom Houghton has published his Absolute Shambles stand-up show online to watch for free.

The comic toured the show at the start of 2023, and filmed it at the Leicester Square Theatre on 31st March.

The blurb explains: "After an incredible sold-out, international tour, the man who asked us 'do you ski?' is leaving his home in the Tower of London (for good). Fresh from his starring role in Netflix The Circle, the multi-viral, social media sensation is delving even deeper into his ludicrous life as he tries to smarten up the not so honourable aspects of himself. Armed with even more outrageous takes, unbelievable tales, and biblical chat to leave you bowled over with laughter. Tom takes a look at the pitfalls of online celebrity, the perils of post-palace living and finds out that, in an age where everyone is so obsessed with the veneer of virtual contentment, maybe it takes crashing back down to reality to discover where happiness truly lies."

The stand-up is set to tour again, with new show Tom Houghton: It's Not Ideal running between February and May 2024.

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