Crizards release Cowboys special online

Thursday 14th September 2023, 9:38pm

Crizards. Copyright: Rebecca Need-Menear

Comedy duo Crizards have released their show Cowboys as a free special on YouTube.

Cowboys was the debut hour from the self-described "UK's lowest energy double act". It's billed as "a Wild West Musical, of sorts. It's Oklahoma, as performed by two people who have neither seen, nor been to, Oklahoma."

The show, which was directed by Jordan Brookes and produced by Georgia House, sees the duo - Will Rowland and Eddy Hare - endeavour to perform their new 'Western', "but real life keeps getting in the way". The blurb explains: "When a railroad company threatens an outlaw's land, he must cast aside his independent cowboy life and team up with a stranger to seek vengeance. Well, that's what is supposed to happen if the boys don't get lost in tangents about Will's recent break-up, the perils of quicksand or distracted by milking bears.

"Originally written in early 2020, the show started out as a simple cowboy tale, but after the year brought break-ups and mental health challenges it morphed into something else. Cowboys now explores vulnerability, friendship and different approaches to mental health."

The special was recorded at the end of their 2022 Edinburgh Fringe run (27th August), at the Assembly George Square venue.

Rowland says: "I always try and talk about my personal problems on stage whereas Eddy likes to keep them private and use comedy as a distraction from his problems. We wanted to put that dynamic into the show. Eddy and I both think it's important that men acknowledge their feelings and support each other. It's a real part of our friendship, so it made sense to turn that into something funny."

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