Vittorio Angelone releases Translations stand-up special online

Sunday 10th September 2023, 11:59am

Vittorio Angelone

Vittorio Angelone has released debut stand-up special on YouTube.

Translations was his 2022 show, which resulted in him receiving a Best Newcomer nomination in the Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

The special was recorded at Phase One Records in Liverpool on 26th May.

The blurb explains: "Translations follows Irish-Italian comedian Vittorio Angelone, who went to see a play at the National Theatre in London. He loved the play, still does, but was deeply disturbed (read: pissed off) by the reaction of the English audience. Join him as he tackles being Irish in England, identity, and the sad comedy shows that seem to win awards.*

"*Since writing this blurb Vittorio's show got nominated for, but crucially did not win, an award. The show still makes sense."

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