Chinese Burn. Image shows from L to R: FuFu (Yuyu Rau), Elizabeth (Shin-Fei Chen), Jackie (Yennis Cheung). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Chinese Burn

BBC Three (Online) sitcom about three 'normal' Chinese girls. 1 pilot in 2017. Stars Yennis Cheung, Shin-Fei Chen, Yuyu Rau, Felicity Montagu and others.

How Not To Date A Chinese Girl

"I could be chow mein man" is not a good chat-up line. And, just because the woman you fancy is Chinese, it doesn't mean she'll want to play ping-pong on a date.

Featuring: Yennis Cheung (Jackie), Shin-Fei Chen (Elizabeth), Yuyu Rau (FuFu).