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Friday 8th January 2021

"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." - Sir Terry Pratchett

A very happy new year to you! We start of 2021 with exciting news of BCG Pro's expansion. You can find out more in the first article below.

BCG Pro 2021

BCG Pro is expanding

We're investing heavily in BCG Pro over the next 12 months. There's more exclusive content on the way, plus new functionality, exciting opportunities, and other exciting things. Click through to find out more.

Joel Morris and Neil Webster

Video: Joel Morris and Neil Webster Paywall

The first in a series of new videos exclusive to BCG Pro. This hour-long discussion sees top TV writers Joel Morris and Neil Webster discussing everything from how to start out to how to deal with notes from executives. It's a must-watch with plenty of genuinely useful advice to take away.

Andy Goddard

My Comedy Career: Andy Goddard Paywall

Producer and sound editor Andy Goddard has shared some really brilliant insight in his answers to our My Comedy Career questions.

Opportunities Hub

Opportunities Hub Paywall

If you've set a new year's resolution to make more content or find others to write with, why not post in our Opportunities Hub to start that process off? Aside from member's posts, we also have competition listings, and more.

BCG Pro Gag-a-week competition

Gag-a-Week goes topical Paywall

We're experimenting with our joke writing competition this week, just asking for topical jokes on any theme. (No prizes for guessing what most will be about!) If you've any thoughts on Gag-a-Week do let us know: would you like it to be open to each week's topical events, or do you prefer a set theme to work with?


Online comedy courses

It turns out that leaning in a group, via Zoom, is actually really effective and fun. There's a video showing you what it's like on our website. These courses keep selling out (although there are a few February places left) - if you spot one you're interested in that's currently full, join the waiting list so we know there's demand to run it again.

Sitcom Geeks

Sitcom Geeks

The podcast for writers looks ahead to 2021, offering some positive thoughts on how this could, in many ways, be a great 12 months for scripting comedy.

If you were on Dave Cohen's email list when he was running his daily comedy drama updates you'll know how helpful and interesting his missives are. From Tuesday, he's doing another run, this time on topical comedy. Find out more here.

Baby Cow

Baby Cow Programme Creator Paywall

As you are hopefully already aware, top production company Baby Cow are looking to BCG Pro to find new programme ideas to develop. We know it's hard to get all your idea on to just two pages, but those of you that have submitted so far have done a brilliant job! If you're still working on your treatment, no sweat: you've got until the end of February to perfect it.

Politically Correctly

Video Contest

Jonah Gigli's Politically Correctly, a spoof of those Grammarly adverts you might have seen on YouTube, was selected by the judges as the January 2021 winner of our Video Contest. If you haven't already, do submit something. If you entered after October, then sit tight, as your video will be looked at again in early February. If you entered before October it's time to send us something different (just update your entry).

The Secret Reviewer #22: The Freaky Future

The Secret Reviewer #22: The Freaky Future Paywall

This time the live comedy critic who writes anonymously for us each month is trying to answer the question: 'How are pundits supposed to predict anything this year?'


This section of our newsletter is where we showcase BCG Pro subscribers. Want to appear here? Just email us back.

Hudson Hughes

Hudson Hughes has written and filmed some great quirky online sketches. We particularly love his descriptions of garden implements in his Max Secretion video. A sprinkler is a moist flute.

Comedy Casebook

Comedy Casebook: Alice Donnell

Alice Donnell is part of the BBC Comedy Writersroom scheme at the moment. In her Casebook interview she jokes about the best advice she's ever been given, and reveals her comedy favourites.

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