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Weekly Newsletter

- Every Monday

At the start of each week we email out a newsletter packed with news, features, TV listings, video sketches & more.

Shop Newsletter

- Every other Friday

Once a fortnight we send out an email containing a list of new books, DVD and Blu-ray releases, special offers, the latest DVD news, competitions and more.

Live Comedy

- Occasionally

A look at the live comedy world, including news, interviews and listings. Type your nearest towns/cities in the box below and we'll let you know what's on, too.

BCG Pro Newsletter

- Monthly

The newsletter of BCG Pro, our service for those who write and produce comedy. About once a month we email out a list of opportunities and insight.

- Starts 1st April

BCG Daily Email is summary of all you need to know from the past 24 hours in comedy, and a look at the coming day's schedule. Arriving in time to digestion over lunch, you need never miss a thing again. This service is for BCG Supporters only (Donate £1 or more and you'll be a supporter too!), but you can try this service for a fortnight when it launches without needing to become a BCG Supporter.

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