Random 8

Sallyann Fellowes

Sallyann Fellowes

One random comedian, eight random questions; it's the ultimate test of funny person and fate.

This week we welcome Sallyann Fellowes, who's heading to the Hastings Fringe on Sunday to round off a triptych of shows, at the Electric Palace Theatre. Fellowes follows Sooz Kempner [Class of 2000] and Juliette Burton [Hopepunk] with her own autobiographical hour, which then shifts to Edinburgh in August.

"My live show SALIEN came about because I've always felt like an alien in the world of normal," she explains. "I am autistic dyspraxic, ADHD and dyslexic, and I guess my brain just sees things in an unusual way.

"I'm also bisexual and growing up in rural Cornwall was pretty strange. I see the funny in everything and have tried to fit in and help other people out if I can, but it always goes wrong and something crazy happens. There's a lot of real life examples."

Away from three-pronged stage line-ups, meanwhile, Fellowes regularly pulls off an on-air hat trick.

"My podcast I share with best mate Lisa [Clark] is Weird Biscuit," says the comic. "Every time we met up for a coffee I clocked people laughing at our conversations so the idea of a podcast came about. We pick subjects at random out of a gangster's hat - nod to Ronnie."

Who is Ronnie? We'll soon find out. Sallyann Fellowes, your Random 8 await:

Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian Of The Year 2023. Sallyann Fellowes. Credit: Steve Ullathorne

Who is/was your most interesting relative?

My uncle, Ronnie Biggs. Great Train Robbery, escaped from prison... totally true. I never met him, he was on the run, wherever he ran to. I hope I inherited whatever good points he had (if he had any). He died on my birthday, which was incredibly rude.

What's the weirdest thing in your wardrobe?

A human skull. I had to put it in there while I was at Brighton Fringe so it didn't freak out the cat feeder who already thinks I'm weird.

Which book should we all read, to make life a bit better?

King of the Copper Mountains by Paul Beigel. It's a children's book but it's just magical and I've read it lots of times. It's about an ancient King who is sick and has a long beard where woodland creatures hide. The first doctor who promises to fix him has to take a long journey to get the cure, the golden speedwell flower. While he's gone, to keep the King alive, different animals tell him their stories. Tales within a tale; it's a joy.

Which TV show would you love to have been in - and which part?

I'd like to play St Joan of Arc. Lots of horses and shouting, but skip the burning part.

What's the best non-comedy room you've ever been in?

My mum and dad's front room, when they were still here. Very cosy and lots of laughs.

Sallyann Fellowes

Which low-key law would you introduce?

Loud eating of especially smelly things on the train. Someone sat next to me and started eating very onion-heavy coleslaw at 7am. No no no, I have super nose strength, stop it.

Ever gatecrashed anything interesting?

I accidently went to the wrong funeral and had to sit through hearing about a random person I didn't know.

Also went to the wrong party in fancy dress (as a nun), when no-one else was in fancy dress. They thought I was an actual nun.

What's your favourite phrase or expression?

'That's a bit weird' - because everything is to me.

Sallyann Fellowes: SALIEN is at Hastings' Electric Palace Theatre on Sunday 16th June. Tickets

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