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Ed Patrick

Ed Patrick. Credit: Karla Gowlett

One random comedian, eight random questions; it's the ultimate test of funny person and fate. This week it's a performer who turns up at theatres and puts people to sleep.

No, not that one. Or that one. These are operating theatres and this is Ed Patrick, who's an anaesthetist by day, comedian by night - and sometimes day, at festivals and the like. Now the latter job includes a tour, of the show Catch Your Breath, which "is about becoming an anaesthetist, the pitfalls of modern medicine and the power of questioning it," Ed explains.

It's an unsung skill, anaesthetising: does Ed ever combine his talents, a few gags as he puts patients under, to ease the tension?

"It's less of a gag but people always laugh", he says. "When doing an airway assessment before an anaesthetic, there's lots of little things you ask patients to do: 'can you move your head up and down, open your mouth and stick your tongue out, can you poke your bottom jaw out...' After about three I see bemusement on their faces. 'I'm not making this up by the way' - the response is laughter, probably of relief."

A laugh is a laugh. Continuing the crossover, does he have any expert tips for healthy touring?

"Naps", he says. "Don't get too hungry and don't get too full, good hydration, catch up with friends/visit some local tourist sites, more naps. Leave plenty of time for arriving at the next show, so you can get a nap before."

You can see why he got into induced snoozing for a living. Ed Patrick, your Random 8 await.

Ed Patrick. Credit: Chris Cox

What's the best thing you ever bought a ticket for?

Without fail, the American punk band FIDLAR have delivered on each of the four times I've seen them. It's a giant, mad, sweaty mosh pit. I love it.

Your most interesting injury?

I had some sort of strain or trapped nerve, and I jumped into a cold-water pool. After a few minutes of hyperventilating and telling myself what a good experience this was, without looking like I was enjoying it, I climbed out to find the discomfort had disappeared. So now I'm full Wim Hof.

Ever met a particularly great or awful famous person?

Me and a school friend once snuck into a Just the Tonic gig in Nottingham. Ross Noble was on, and after me and my friend volunteered to go on stage, he cut our hair for a haircut competition. Lovely person, but not a first-choice hairdresser.

What's the worst thing you've eaten?

An oyster. Overrated. It's all glitz and glamour with oysters until several hours later you're sweating in the dark, realising there's going to be explosions from any number of orifices. So you move, hunched, to the bathroom to which a cacophony of noises chime to wake up your worried hotel roommate who, amongst all the distress, is unaware that they'll need to buy a new toothbrush.

Ed Patrick. Credit: Karla Gowlett

Your favourite shop, ever?

I think Decathlon is up there. Just walking around gives you the transient ambition of taking up archery, boules or carp fishing. I'd like to try every sport they provide for one day. It might take several days.

What was your childhood career dream?

I wanted to do everything, plus every kind of sport. Which probably explains the Decathlon love. But looking back I think golf would've been a good thing to play early on.

Do you have a favourite device?

We've got two cats: one is a lazy bum, the other wants to explore the world even if that means running in front of cars. An expensive visit to the vets meant that we just wanted to keep tabs of where our adventurer is, so we've attached a tracking device which is good fun.

Although if it's dark and you're out with your phone, it can be terrifying as it's like watching a missile radar waiting to attack as he rushes towards you in pitch black, while the device alerts just go from "FAR" to "NEARBY" to "HE'S HERE MWAA HA HA HA."

Is there a book/film that changed your life?

Can I extend that to 'game'? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt got me into all things Witcher; the books, excitement for the Netflix series (followed by underwhelment). It also got me watching Game Of Thrones which I'd previously shunned. Now I'm fully into medieval magic and potions. Hence why I'm an anaesthetist.

Ed Patrick: Catch Your Breath is touring the UK now. edpatrickcomedy.com

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