Ray Bradshaw performs gig for bald ginger men

Monday 22nd January 2024, 2:27pm

Ray Bradshaw

As he prepares to embark on his stand-up tour, Ray Bradshaw has been warming-up by performing a gig to an audience exclusively comprising of fellow bald ginger men.

The comic, who will be performing his show Doppelginger between February and April 2024, took to the stage at Van Winkles in Glasgow's West End on Sunday afternoon for the special gig.

Bradshaw has been seeking out lookalikes after having been told regularly 'you look just like my mate...'.

The tour blurb explains: "It's been happening for years, and he's worried about it. Either someone is cloning generic bald men or, there's a ginger bearded bald man out there who's doing a bad job of stalking Ray. In his brand-new show Doppelginger, Ray is going to use the latest in genetic research (the internet) to try and put an end to this once and for all. He's on a quest to find the person who looks most like him."

Doppelginger tours until 28th April. Dates

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