Steptoe And Son Page 9

Quote: Billy Bunter @ 2nd May 2020, 8:37 PM

A Steptoe & Son crossword for your lockdown amusement (not complied by me so don't blame me for any grammatical, spelling or factual errors!) :

Filth! Filth! Filth! Right the way through. From 1 across to 38 down.

Radio 4 Extra 04.30 tomorrow (Wednesday 6th) and also available on the BBC website for 29 days ( ):

"Looking for Oil Drum Lane" - Galton and Simpson's journey from being fired by Hancock, to striking Steptoe gold.

Thanks.That will be very interesting.

It was ok. Too much of the theme tune and the sound of typewriter for my taste.
I didn't realise the writers could choose the actors. £1,000 each per episode for Harry and Wilf. Not bad in the 60s. Someone colourised the episode The Diploma I believe! If anyone wants to watch it

A rather good Corbett and Brambell soundalike recreated the lost 1962 Christmas sketch