Joke Music Tech Review

Hey folks, long time music YouTuber here. Bored of the content creation slog, I'm trying to create some more amusing videos. Possibly just amusing to myself, who knows.

Anyway, hope you like:


I enjoyed that, Liam. It's funny mostly because the tone is just right - I mean, inevitably, if tech reviews are what you often do - and that allows the odd parts to stand out.

I look forward to your new venture, Chip Advisor.

It's a suitable dilution for the technical channels, they often lack that. It was fun for me. By the way, I liked the soundtrack on the video, would love to know who made that music and how. I'd love to find a royalty free sound with a similar sound for a couple of my projects. I'm in a hurry to make promotional videos for some innovative products, I can't name them, because of the contract. I'll be hell-bent on sharing them when I'm done. By the way, I watched on YouTube how people make fun of potatoes and make music out of them; as much fun as people have, I'd look at a band that would seriously take a potato as an instrument.

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