The Dominic Cummings interview !



  • Tuesday 20th July 2021, 8:00pm [Edited]
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Dominic Cummings's interview BBC2 today, what does everyone think ? He and Alastair Campbell were both extremely good outside the box thinkers, excellent disrupters and loathsome to many. Both major achievers and the architects of "New Labour" and "Brexit" ! Both pragmatic slimy spin doctors, but I truly feel they truly have more hart and dedication to Politics and this country than Boris does. I rate Blair over Boris and admire Maggie more (don't agree with her politics though). I note Alastair Campbell has done a lot for the common good since leaving politics. What does everyone think ?



  • Tuesday 20th July 2021, 8:05pm [Edited]
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He's slimy git and certainly capable of peddling lies - Brexit being the biggest example.
He's only interested in self-preservation and self-aggrandisement.
If I had to guess, some of its true, some of it exaggeration, some of it made-up - all of it trying to make him out to be the good guy.
He certainly smart - he's pitched his accusations very well, as none of them come as much of a surprise - true or false.



  • Tuesday 20th July 2021, 9:08pm
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A Tory that tells the truth...

That the PM and half his cabinet are f**king clueless idiots

Love him!