The Gaffer

The Gaffer, what do you think of this? It's an early 80s sitcoms starring as Bill Maynard as the head of a struggling engineering firm and tries to avoid the taxman, unions etc.

I thought it was good, there are some good episodes in this but it ain't amazing or fantastic. Much prefer Selwyn Froggitt than this to be honest. Your thoughts on this?

I remember it
Without really remembering much about it

hope that helps

I struggled to get into it. Hope to return, maybe later this year, as I know it has some rather dedicated fans.

I do remember the theme tune as well

How did it go? No, I remember it being on, that's about it, may have seen a snippet but probably not intentionally, although I liked Maynard in his various roles, especially in the 2nd Steptoe and Son film and the Carry On/s he was in. As I've said before, there were so many sitcoms on TV back then I couldn't possibly have watched every one. How times have changed! :(

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