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Fast Food Order (Short Animation)


Yacob Wingnut

  • Tuesday 18th December 2018, 12:01pm [Edited]
  • England
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Hello All

Here's a quick animation of mine: .

Any thoughts/criticism on the script, look, sound, acting, music and anything else would be great!

Kind Regards


Teddy Paddalack

  • Tuesday 18th December 2018, 12:46pm [Edited]
  • Everton, England
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This is great animation and well themed.

Now I don't know much about the bible as I'm not religious as such most of my knowledge on the subject is pieced together from Charlton Heston films and to a lesser extent Victor Mature ones, although come to think of it Edward G Robinson was in most of them as well?

However, I digress the bottom line being is that those in the know will not see the feeding of the 5000 as a Christmas theme. So my suggestions are for the words as the animation is bang on

If you wanted to make it 'Edgy' She could be a food bank worker asking for hot food for cold homeless and could be trying to pay with frankincense and myrrh to no avail so Jesus whispers

"Ask them if they take an ounce of skunk that will blow their f**king heads off?"
If you keep it as is? Then swearing is fine by me but it doesn't work on this one so what if you went with him whispering

"Don't forget to tell him it's my birthday. some of these give discounts"

Just my view and I hope it helps