Basic Animator and comedy writer wanted


sean quinn

  • Wednesday 7th November 2018, 10:48am
  • England
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Ello there,
Looking for someone with spare time on their hands and someone who Lives in or around London!

I've created a animated show which I'm uploading to youtube every two weeks, think of south park meets fonejacker with a bit of Big lez show thrown in there.

I've come up with a unique style of animation which allows anybody to learn it within a few months, ( I taught myself in that time) I wanted to create a show in which I can share all my comical ideas, sketches, characters with the world and this show is the place for me and maybe yourself to do that.

I will train you in this software so you can help me animate it, and also allow you to contribute your ideas to the show and even create your own characters who you can voice if you so desire.

I'm not making any money from it yet, I'm only 2 episodes in, however, whatever episode you help out on I will give you a percentage of that videos earning in the future!

This is a great oppertunity for someone who wants to learn a few useful software such as Adobe photoshop, after effects and premiere pro, also have a platform where you can write, create and voice anything you think of.

Please get in touch and I will send you my youtube channel!