Comedians interested in the environment



  • Tuesday 9th October 2018, 5:43pm
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Can anyone point me in the direction of British comedians who have spoken about the environment/recycling, etc? In stand-up, articles or podcasts, doesn't really matter.
I know Mark Watson wrote a book about ten years ago about being more environmentally conscious, has anything similar been written more recently?


Michael Monkhouse

  • Sunday 14th October 2018, 3:42pm
  • Eternal City, Italy
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Ben Elton was Always going on about it but he's such a f**king do-gooder...



  • Tuesday 16th October 2018, 8:07am
  • Derbys, England
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On important issues I always find out what Marcus Brigstocke says about it - then do the opposite.