A Sketch of Mine - Teacher With Issues - Linda Sampson



  • Friday 29th June 2018, 9:53am [Edited]
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Hi people! Here's a sketch I did for Chorts 2018, what do you guys think? I have a hard time writing sketches for one person, most of my sketches/sketch ideas include 2-3 people (true to my Fry & Laurie and Mitchell & Webb inspirations aha) This is the first sketch I've posted and the first one-person sketch I've written.

Here, I hope you enjoy:


Simon The Mighty

  • Sunday 29th July 2018, 1:29pm [Edited]
  • London, United Kingdom
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Hello, I reviewed some Chorts last year and if you're going to the next Chorts performance, I might see you there! (I haven't bought tickets just yet, though). I thought the script wasn't bad but the acting seemed lacking in personality. It was almost as if you had just recently learnt your lines and had rushed the body language part of the performance. The part of your act where you said 'I said settle down!', had more passion in it and it was more 'believable'. The way you said 'go away' was pretty funny, but it was an obvious joke that needs more originality. The way you said and acted 'the bake sale!' was also good. (Is that what you said? I've gone a little deaf from too much heavy metal. I mean your last line. Don't worry, I heard everything else). I suggest you keep filming yourself and analysing yourself so you can work on your performance. It wasn't bad on the whole, though.


Rood Eye

  • Sunday 29th July 2018, 3:17pm [Edited]
  • England
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The script isn't bad, actually.

The performance, however, needs to be much more animated - and I don't mean you should produce a cartoon version. The last line, in particular, needs to be delivered with no small degree of panic.

Also, you should dip your finger into the bag and taste it before announcing that it contains sugar, mainly because sugar doesn't have a smell.