Sam Kydd...

...Day on Talking Pictures TV this Thursday (15 Feb). With interviews between films with his son.

Orlando was one of my first favourite TV programmes as a kid.

A spin-off from Crane (with Patrick Allen) as I recall.

I don't remember that at all. Was it a children's programme?

And sorry Billy. I don't quite understand where this programme will be on.

I think Crane was an adult programme in which Orlando was one of the characters. I remember my mother used to like Patrick Allen. Orlando was a spin off made for children's tv.

Sam Kydd day is on Talking Pictures TV (Freeview/Freesat 81, Sky 343, Virgin 445) next Thursday.

It's not a proper war film without Sam Kydd in the background as a stoker, squaddie or air mechanic.

"Remembering Sam Kydd" next Wed. 6.30pm on TPTV - very good documentary

He turned up again (of course!) for about 5 minutes in the CFF 'Saturday Morning Pictures' film "The Last Load" (1948) on TPTV, as a police station radio controller.