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So i'm here who wants to work with me?


comedywriter dude

  • Sunday 8th October 2017, 8:42am
  • Australia
  • 182 posts

So by now you seen my style, and one of the best praises is i'm original.
I'm looking for someone that will turn my madness into finished products.

things i bring to the table

no.1 my crazy comedy that is funny even though sometimes in coherient ( but most read threw the lines)
no.2 free advertising i'm a graphic artist can creat websites logos, ( hi end 3d animator also)
no.3 no. 1 and 2 , oh 3 i'm loyal and respect intelligence
no.4 I wont work with just anyone I approached beaky but turned down , someone to that calibber i'm looking for a calm good writer to offsett my manic .
no.5 can guarantee I will make you or me and or famous.
no.6 I have 250 thousand views on youtube and 40k instagram followers 30k twitter followers that I have not revealed yet.
no.7 You must turn my words into magic, no point an editor unless they actually are proper academic editor, grammer spelling ect.

from Australia


Paul Wimsett

  • Sunday 8th October 2017, 9:44am [Edited]
  • Folkestone, England
  • 2,532 posts

If you have 30K followers you do not need a co-writer. Keep it realistic. I admire your hootspa at approaching the beaks.

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