Could not find a discussion on 'Rovers', written by Craig Cash for Sky, so thought I'd start one.

I do love CC's style of writing. Even though it's basically the same kind of feel as Royle Family and Early Doors, it's still funny and quite sweet really.

I'm not sure if I'm reading into things too much, but CC's acting gets more and more bizarre each time. Why does he play the learning difficulty/brain-dead characters all the time?

His character, Dave in RF definitely turned gormless when they started to do Christmas specials.

Not sure it's his hammy acting or just purposely done.

Best part of Rovers, is the dream-duo of Joe Wilkinson and Brian Gittins.

It's not actually written by CC though, it's written by Joe Wilkinson and David Earl. I only found this out after watching it. I was very happy to see JW enter, something about him just gets me laughing.

I agree though CC does seem to always play the brain dead character, and it does get slightly more bizarre each time.

Being a Bristol Rovers fan (we play at a rubbish ground), the club shop brought about some funny comparatives.

I too was under the impression it was written by Craig Cash - until I saw the credits.

The programme was 'alright'. I will continue to watch and hope it gets better. Perhaps a little too much unnecessary swearing* for me too in the first episode.

* And I love Malcolm Tucker.

I gave it a fair go,but gave up on Rovers after 3 shows. I found the Craig Cash interpretation somewhat bizarre! I enjoyed the previous shows he directed (The Cafe & After Hours), very enjoyable, but I had to leave this one behind.

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Hope they do more. Final episode was especially good.

I liked it. Nice sentimental final episode.

Earlier this year when I invested in Now TV this lovely programme came into my intrerest box. I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did for me it was something I enjoyed and would love to see another series or a Christmas special in the future.