• Saturday 7th May 2016, 10:40pm
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I headed down to the BFI Archive yesterday to watch a few episodes of Grundy which was Harry Corbett's final sitcom appearance. It was all part of my research into the show which I'll be featuring in my next e-book.

He plays a recently divorced newsagent - Leonard Grundy - who is rather sanctimonious and horrified by the permissive society around him. Also appearing is Lynda Baron as Beryl Loomis - a fellow divorcee - who's got just the type of flirty nature that horrifies poor Leonard.

Now, although Corbett and Baron are on top form, the plots are most definitely not. Very little happens to advance the plot and Grundy lacks any real aspirations or drive. There's a few giggles, but not many and, overall, it feels like a missed opportunity.

Anyone else remember it from way back when?