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Special Comedy Writing workshop


Paul Bassett Davies

  • Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 4:32pm
  • England
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Hello, Paul Bassett Davies (@thewritertype) here. I'm offering an intensive all-day comedy writing workshop, exclusively to people who pre-order my new novel, Dead Writers in Rehab. This a one-off chance to attend an acclaimed workshop that I stopped running simply because I wanted to diversify my courses. But this is the Daddy: a total workout of comedy writing essentials, all in one day.

The secrets of creating great comedy characters.
How to write gags - understanding structure and impact.
How to make dialogue funny - any dialogue.
Topical comedy - and how to get it broadcast.
How to write a killer comic monologue.
An overview of sitcom: character, structure, story.

My new novel, Dead Writers in Rehab, is on the Unbound publishing platform. There are various levels of pledge, each with a different reward. The comedy writing workshop costs £150 - but you ALSO get a special edition signed hardback of the book with your name in the back (otherwise £30), an e-book version (£10), exclusive access to my author's 'shed', PLUS, as a special bonus just for this offer, a signed copy of my first book, Utter Folly ("A very funny novel" - Jack Dee).

To sign up for the workshop, or to check out other ways to get hold of the novel, visit the Unbound site, where you can also watch my short (90 sec) video about the book:

NB: The workshop is limited to 10 places. The date is currently flexible. I will work with early pledgers to find the best date.

Dead Writers in Rehab is about a dissolute writer who wakes up in what he assumes to be yet another expensive recovery facility. Then he gets punched in the face by Ernest Hemingway. In many ways, it's a love story - including the dangerous love affair between creativity and addiction. It's also a mystery story - and it's hilarious. Jeremy Hardy says it's "Dark, dirty, warm, humane, and mischievous, and all the pages are in the right order." Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Stephen King said my short story, The Spots, was "Mordantly funny - Poe would have liked it." You can't say fairer than that, can you?