Professor Brian Cox - Quick Impersonation

Click the link above to see my impersonation of 'Brian Cox'.
I have been told by loads of people I can impersonate him well - please like/comment if you thought it was good :)

Hi. I create comedy videos for fun on YouTube. I'm also a member of BCG. The link here to your video is not working - could you send me a link so I can hear your Prof Brian Cox impression? I'm working on a satirical video using a Prof Brian Cox voiceover.

Would you be interested in collaborating and/or working for a modest fee to do a voiceover as Prof Brian Cox? Most of my videos are sort of satirical and I often need impressions of famous people because I refuse to use voice cloning as I feel it's unethical. Anyway, here is my YouTube handle: @ComedyAICreator


When I click on the youtube link I get the error "this video is not available anymore".

Sorry, I don't understand - there was no actual link in my post. You can just paste "@ComedyAICreator" into Google and it will bring up my channel.

I think the main problem is that you've resurrected a ten year-old post.
With luck Lucas will have mastered another impression by now.

I was referring to the link in the OP and didn't notice it was from ten years ago. Doh! I saw Saturday and assumed it was posted yesterday. I really wanted to hear his impersonation. I love a good impressionist it tickles the funny bone more than most variety.

@ComedyAI Creator start a new thread with your youtube channel details so more people see it and can give feedback. I'm not an impressionist so can't help with Prof Cox but good luck with the project. Terry Mynott might be worth contacting.

Talk about the blind leading the blind.........................😎

I wonder what the hardest impression is to pull off. Brian Cox sounds relatively easy to do compared to Christopher Walken.