Heard a rumour



  • Thursday 21st November 2013, 7:10pm [Edited]
  • London, England
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That Stewart Lee is looking for unusual comedy acts, does anyone know anything about this as I can't find any reference online to it?





  • Friday 22nd November 2013, 5:56pm
  • Colchester, England
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I suppose the question is, where did you hear the rumour in the first place?



  • Monday 9th December 2013, 2:35pm
  • Devon, England
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I'm guessing that would be for a second series of his Comedy Central show The Alternative Comedy Experience which was fantastic.


Judgement Dave

  • Monday 9th December 2013, 2:41pm
  • Manchester, England
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I thought they'd recorded the 2nd series of Alternative Comedy Experience. Sure I saw someone comment about having been recorded for it just before Edinburgh.


Natalie Of Wicks

  • Monday 9th December 2013, 3:17pm
  • England
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Yeah they have just finished recording series two. As I've had it explained to me 'his people' have been generally on the lookout for experienced circuit acts, since the first series but they don't hold open auditions, take submissions or anything of the like. I know(ish) one of the 'unknown' acts on this series coming up.