Junior Just A Minute

Just A Minute. Nicholas Parsons. Copyright: BBC.

Just A Minute

Long running radio panel game in which host Nicholas Parsons asks contestants to talk for one minute without repetition, hesitation or deviation



  • Tuesday 23rd July 2013, 9:46pm [Edited]
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This is a rib right?

Is this one of the guys in the office?


Tokyo Nambu

  • Tuesday 23rd July 2013, 10:06pm
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Sadly, it's true:


I'd be fascinated to know what the listenership is. One of my kids took part in an episode of Big Toe Radio Show on the then Radio 7, organised by a friend, on a Saturday afternoon. Which was fun: Kirsten O'Brien was presenting, who was very good company in the breaks. But I got to see at close quarters the fact that when they threw the phone lines open, they got precisely no calls for twenty minutes. On the face of it, one might suspect that they were broadcasting with the aerial replaced with a dummy load...


Tim Azure

  • Tuesday 23rd July 2013, 11:30pm
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I can imagine them scouring schools for a deep, fruity Clement-a-like. Although everything can be adapted to junior versions, it does seem this goes a bit far.

I can't help feeling that it will be represented by the same children who were on Ask the Family...

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A Horseradish

  • Wednesday 24th July 2013, 12:33am [Edited]
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.......had it been pitched at a slightly older age, it could have been a new Blockbusters -


Hope it works. I was a bit disappointed by the radio documentary on the Indian versions of JAM. However, Nicholas is incredible. He turns 90 in October and still sounds fresh.

By contrast, there are broadcasters on the radio who have lost their voices before the age of 70. Mustn't wear himself out, though, before that all important call from Michael Eavis!