Any comedians who perform in a solo sketch show?


funny all around

  • Thursday 18th July 2013, 7:06am [Edited]
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Hello everybody,

I will be very thankful for your thoughts concerning the following-

Are you familiar with any comedians (even famous/world-wide) who preform in a solo sketch performance?

Thank you.




  • Thursday 18th July 2013, 7:51am
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Surely that's a coontradiction in terms


Tim Azure

  • Thursday 18th July 2013, 8:06am [Edited]
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Do you mean ones who play all the parts? Benny Hill and Stanley Baxter did this.

Otherwise Catherine Tate, Les Dawson, Dom Joly, Harry Worth, etc, etc.


funny all around

  • Thursday 18th July 2013, 9:09am
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Thank you for the info.

Any others comedians who also perform live in such a solo sketch comedy show?( the solo performer does all of the parts, skits/sketchs, maybe using sound -over, but all of the show is done by one person only)

Again, many thanks for the info. :)



  • Thursday 18th July 2013, 11:29am
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Michael Bentine did an amazing radio show

It was all sketches and he voiced all the various parts including the females