Brian Cox Impressionist
My own Professor Brian Cox Impersonation:)
Please watch and if you like it please comment;)
I want to take this further and go to more locations and get a wig haha Laughing out loud

The impression is pretty good, but you might want to do something that is a bit more memorable. I liked the bit at the end where you mention the room and the window. If you can come up with stronger jokes, I see no reason why you can't have fun with this character on YouTube.

Oh and I'm moving this to the Critique forum :)

Pretty good impression that young fella. Can you do anyone else?

Thankyou very much:)
yes, I agree I need to come up with some better material to play around with:)
Thanks for the feedback guyssss!
and I can do a few others but atm just concentrating on Brian Cox;)

I do comedy videos on YouTube. I am looking for a good Prof Brian Cox impressionist to do a narration for a video I'm working on. I see this is an old post but if you are still doing it please get back to me.