Hello comedy comrades!


Joe Ferris

  • Thursday 18th August 2011, 3:32pm
  • England
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Lovely to be here (I'm here all week!)

I'm a singer/songwriter playing comedy songs and also protest songs, but I've just released a five track E.P with four comedy and only one protest song and I'm thinking of writing a routine around these songs and looking for gigs at comedy clubs.

Low quality recordings of all of my songs are available on my website, I hope some of you will check out my material. I'll certainly be checking out yours Whistling nnocently



  • Thursday 18th August 2011, 3:50pm
  • United Kingdom
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Hello Joe.


Jack Daniels

  • Friday 19th August 2011, 1:33am
  • England
  • 730 posts

Fight The Power Little G!



  • Sunday 21st August 2011, 11:13pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Welcome to the BCG. :)