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  • Friday 15th June 2007, 4:16am [Edited]
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No-one will probably remember this but centuries ago there was a radio panel show with Frank Muir & Dennid Norden called My Word with questions about the English Language.

At the end ofeach programme they would each be given a saying or proverb and by twisting it a bit came up with it's origin.

I thought we could do something similar in a more abbreviated way - newspaper headlines and stories.

I knocked up the follwing in about 10 minutes. Surprised it took so long eh?

A 6-piece group were playing some gigs. However 4 of them thought the other 2 weren't pulling their weight so they decided to kick them out.

The headline in the papers read “A third of the Band have been given the Push”.

(to explain - if I need to - "A bird in the Hand is worth Two in the Bush")



  • Saturday 16th June 2007, 2:10pm
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*pats David on the head*

Bless. :)

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  • Saturday 16th June 2007, 11:02pm
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I thought someone might come up with some - maybe a weakly (???) comp with one proverb and everyone takes it differently (??!!).

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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Thursday 15th October 2020, 10:28am
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I think it's only me and thee that remembers this excellent prog. Chappers, and thanks very much for the archive link. Ahh, such good memories. :D