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  • Wednesday 27th April 2011, 9:49pm [Edited]
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I remember watching Naked Video on Paramount in the mid-90s (I can also remember seeing a few sketches when it was first shown in the late 80s) and I have since got the 3 DVDs and many of the sketches are still really funny. I noticed that in the last episode of Series 3, the Siadwell character had died. Did the actor appear in the last two series?

One of the funniest sketches I remember (which I think was from Series 4) is where Gregor Fisher is playing a weather forecaster, saying "people like Michael Fish and Francis Wilson are just amateurs. To forecast the weather properly, you need a cock (and he put a large weathercock on a table) and you also need a chopper (and he puts one of those garden windmills with the man chopping the tree on the table)".

The sketch with the cafe where Gregor Fisher's plate of fish and chips doesn't have the lemon slice as shown on the picture is another classic "sorry sir, we're out of lemons" and they put a piece of black tape over the lemon slice in the picture!