David Copperfield

I used to watch him in that kids show Coppers and Co, surprised he never made it that big though especially after starring in Three Of A Kind

Saw him in Vegas a couple of years ago, quite enjoyed it....oh, thaaaat David Copperfield...

These poor Victorian boys never come to anything......oh, thaaaat David Copperfield.....

He is has to share wall space with Alan Partridge

It's old thread revival time again...............................12 years this time!

All round brilliant entertainer, and so funny - so what went wrong? Used to love him in Three of a Kind.

Three Of A Kind was the first programme I ever recorded. When video recorders were in their infancy and nobody had one.
I acquired a Umatic recorder to do it.
My father came round to see this magic machine. He was a keen cine-camera man and asked how much did it cost to get the tapes developed.

I had one of the first Philips N1500 machines in the early 70s, which I acquired from a Philips rep who won it at their launch.

Problem with that machine was the bloody awfully over complicated big fat cassette that fed the tape from top to bottom via a system of little plastic "fingers", and for years I have wondered WHY they did not further develop a video version of their audio cassette, which they had originally invented and went on to world dominance in audio recording - now having a resurgence I believe.

They later did actually launch such a machine in the shape of the Video 2000, where you could turn over the cassette a la the audio version, BUT by then the Japanese through mainly the Victor company had firmly established the VHS cassette system.

I only hope that someone's head rolled for such a big mistake on Philips part.

I remember them. Grudig did same type of recorder.