Naked Video Series 4 and 5

Does anyone know of a release?


I didn't even know it existed. Lost interest after the first one quite honestly. Helen Lederer's funny though.

Sorry to resurrect this old chestnut............but does anyone know if series 4 and 5 ever became available? Or if anyone has copies (either original or taped from TV) could I purchase them please?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wayne, welcome to the site.

No, Series 4 and 5 were never released, I'm afraid. You may find some bootlegs of the series on eBay or the like, and probably on file sharing services - but they are of course illegal, sadly.

Alternatively, you could contact the BBC via the following page. It's unlikely they'll suddenly pop up on shelves, but every registration of interest will help a title's chances of being released at some point in future:

Thanks for that - will try BBC to at least register an interest.

Surprised UK Gold hasn't snapped up the series.