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Steve Sunshine

  • Thursday 12th March 2009, 3:33am [Edited]
  • Dagenham, England
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For weeks now Comedians from the world of Stage, Screen & Dole Queue have given up their freetime to do something special for charity, and we appreciate their efforts.
We've all watched the clips & seen the suffering.
And It's hard not to shed a tear or two.

Bob Geldof put it like this ...

"It first came to our attentions on the TV over 20 F**kin years ago
and we did what we F**kin could then, but these things don't just go away.
Its a sad fact but Lenny Henry is still not funny.
He wasn't funny 20 years ago & the problems are still there.
I remember watching those tragic pictures of his solo show in 1985, it really stuck in my f**kin mind and I knew we had to act.
People didn't realise the F**king suffering in Lennies act, they couldn't comprehend the thousands of deaths that had occured.

Midge Ure was uninvitable for comment.

Jonathon Ross of Jonathon Ross fame takes up the story:

"When you see what Comic welief has done for Lennies Caweer
You know that its all worthwhile.
Just one pound can buy a whole Lenny Fresh running gags for a full 25 minute Routine".

So you are probably saying - well that's as maybe & fairly boring but what can I do ?

We are not asking for much, you don't have to watch a whole episode of the Lenny Henry show or anything crazy.
Just pledge a few pounds while he's on, laugh if you can
& remember not everyone in this world is as funny as you
think of those less fortunate & dig deep.

Coat hanger my friends
This is Trevor Mcdoughnut News at Ten


Steve Sunshine

  • Saturday 2nd October 2010, 2:43am [Edited]
  • Dagenham, England
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No interest?

Jeez Critique is so quiet these days Whistling nnocently



  • Saturday 2nd October 2010, 3:12am
  • Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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Freve, you're so last year.

I thought it was okay, but can you think of something more funny to donate other than money?


Ming the Mirthless

  • Saturday 2nd October 2010, 10:13am
  • England
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Eighteen months without a response?

That's strange because this sketch is funny.

Leevil makes a good point about the donations. As the appeal is being made TO comedians FOR a comedian in order to bolster his career, shouldn't it be for jokes rather than money?



  • Tuesday 19th March 2013, 9:15am
  • England
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It seems to me that Comic Relief dwells overlong on Africa and their starving millions etc. I am old now but know that in 1950 the total population on Africa was about 200 million. In spite of all the disease etc the population has now grown to 5 times that figure. So we are never going to be able to feed all these people if they multiply at this rate. We are simply throwing our money away.
This will upset a lot of people but they should be more realistic.
Unless Africa controls its birthrate they will always be starving

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Friday 15th March 2019, 8:59pm
  • Surreyish., England
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I'm afraid I have an aversion to Comic Relief. I really can't watch hours of smug self-satisfied celebs pontificating.

Sorry Steve. This has nothing to do with your original post from a long, long time ago when I used to read every post on here.