Feature film

Television journalist Ellie Thornton spends time in the county of Cornwall reporting and following the lives of a Cornish UFO investigation team, as they explore the beautiful, rugged and unseen Cornish countryside, in an unalienable desire to seek out extra-terrestrial activity. A weirder unlikely group you couldn't expect to meet. Four hapless but very likeable individuals live out their own fragile existence in this world, whilst searching for life from another.

Featuring: Derek Frood (Percival Pembroke), Paul Henshall (David Freeman), Steven Powell (Gorran Tremethick), Jason Gregg (Raun Borlewen (Starman)), Peter Jay (Scott Ripley), Mel Hayward (Ellie Thornton), Jody Ali (Ali), Hannah Ali (Ali's Wife), Daisy Ali (Ali's Younger Daughter), Ruby Ali (Ali's Teenage Daughter), Chris Gallarus (Barry Guiler), Shane Solomon (Shane Solomon) & Aaron Jeffcoate (Youtuber).

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