Breaking Britain. Image shows from L to R: Scott Free (John Glynn), Patrick StGeorge Junior (Patrick Koupland). Copyright: Way Out Films.

Breaking Britain


An odd couple road movie comedy about a burly ex-boxer and a drugged-out urban hipster embarking on a trip to a music festival where they must perform a gig.

Featuring: Patrick Koupland (Patrick StGeorge Junior), John Glynn (Scott Free), Carly Connor (Carly Farley), Cem Pakiry-Turgut (Johnny Windows), Piers Robinson (Brent Cross), Dominic McHale (Teddy Toddsworth), Jon McKenna (Patrick StGeorge Senior), Ruel Rowe (Shittee Pee), Ben Doughty, Sureni Kaye (Reni Mint), Joey Montana (Jackie Windows).