Best Geezer. Jed Smith (Michael Ross)
Best Geezer

Best Geezer

  • 2023 film

Three hapless Essex entrepreneurs join forces to make a geezer movie. Stars Darren Tassell, Ryan Enever, Philip Andrew Rogers, Samantha Anderson, Michael Ross and more.

  • This film project is currently in development
Best Geezer. Image shows left to right: Neil (Darren Tassell), Billy (Ryan Enever), Dave (Philip Andrew Rogers)

Key details

Darren Tassell, Ryan Enever, Philip Andrew Rogers, Samantha Anderson, Michael Ross, Caroline Spence, Terry Bamberger, Lutricia Norris and more
Caroline Spence
James Smith
Caroline Spence

Billy, Neil and Dave run a failing corporate video production business in a small town in Essex on the River Thames. One soul-destroying video job after another eventually causes Billy to crack and he vows to give up on the business altogether. But then he experiences a 'eureka!' moment and makes a potentially life-changing decision, a decision he's convinced will pull them out of financial strife: to make a crime thriller - or geezer - movie!

With agonising incompetency and innocently lacking in political correctness, the boys embark on production of their very first movie. But in the face of adversity - and with all the benefits of naivety - Billy's sights become firmly set to win the highest movie accolade of them all... to win 'Best Geezer' at THE GEEZERS!

The question is, will their film - produced with loose change, second-rate equipment and non-professional actors - be good enough? Will it stand up to the tradition of quality geezer movies made by the big boys in London? Will they get a stab at the top prize?

Throughout this eye-popping and agonising process, the boys are forced to reassess their lives, goals and relationships.

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Additional details

Small town, big dreams, one prize
115 minutes
UK premiere
Sunday 11th June 2023, Southend Film Festival
Camera set-up
Single camera

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