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A List of Term Paper Topics


Application of Personal Metaphor (Governance) for Organizational Theory Abstract


The experience of the past decades in designing and implementing international development-related strategies and governing the process through which they become possible is not especially encouraging. Major disaster has been averted but the early hopes are far from being fulfilled. The situation has become worse for many and the risks of major disaster have increased for everyone. Particularly tragic is the recognition that the international system of institutions is defective in its management of the development process, riddled with inefficiencies and lacking in credibility, especially in the eye of public opinion. This situation has just recently been officially documented for the first time for the United Nations system by Maurice Bertrand of the Joint Inspection Unit (1). It is within the constraints of this context that the economic aspects of human development need to be considered.






This five-page paper highlights the fundamental features of aquaculture world. The works cited-page appends three sources in MLA format


Arguing in Favor of Globalization: Kanter's Exploration of the World Class .


In this paper an essay assistant provides a summary of the book, "World Class: Thriving Locally in the Global Economy" by author R. M. Kanter. This book was first published by Touchstone Books in 1997. This book examines why globalization is not a negative economic force for communities if the communities focus on a desired outcome and concentrate on providing a specific type of product or service.


A Growing Concern: A Brief Consideration of Childhood Obesity


This 5-page undergraduate paper according to biology help service examines childhood obesity, outlining the causes, prevalence, and possible solutions to the problem. Childhood obesity has been growing significantly since the 1970s, and has been linked to health issues as diverse as depression, high blood pressure, increased risk of serious disease, shortened life expectancy, and high cholesterol levels. Studies have suggested a number of causes for childhood obesity, including parental weight, socioeconomic status, home environment, sedentary lifestyle, and improper food choices, to name just a few. Researchers disagree even more significantly on possible prevention programs. Some suggest school programs, while other suggest parental education. Increased safety of neighbourhoods and even smoking and alcohol-prevention programs have also been cited as important tools to be used in combatting childhood obesity. This essay concludes that the lack of consensus among researchers suggests that obesity is a much larger problem that one may initially think, and that more research is needed to effective deal with the issue.


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