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The British Comedy Guide is not the only comedy-related website on the net. There's lots of other good websites out there! Here's a list of some of the other big websites you may be interested in. We've linked to over 2,000 other websites within our programme guides, so for specific fansites etc please see our pages for the comedy or comedian you're interested in. Comedy Guide Comedy Guide

This long-established website contains basic but useful information on a number of British comedy series.

Other guides: Valdefierro, British Classic Comedy, BBC America, RadioListings, British Comedy & Drama Site, Radio Ha Ha, British Comedians

Beyond The Joke Beyond The Joke

A blog published by top UK comedy journalist Bruce Dessau. Various articles, interviews and reviews linked to TV and live stand-up.

ComComedy ComComedy

A lovely looking website featuring exclusive comedy related videos. Lots of comedian interviews and some comedy shows too.

London is Funny London is Funny

A great guide to the London live comedy scene. The creators of this website are clearly knowledgeable about the acts, and write interesting reviews and features.

Chortle Chortle

Chortle covers the British stand-up scene in quite some depth and with a lot of knowledge. It also publishes some TV news stories.

Other TV news sites: Media Guardian, Digital Spy, Broadcast Now

Huffington Post The Huffington Post

The UK comedy section of the well known blogging website is pretty active. Huffpost have got lots of writers, and also does things like a round-up of the best jokes on Twitter.

Giggle Beats Giggle Beats

An regularly updated online magazine focusing on comedy in the North-East. With interviews, features and reviews and more. Lots of news scoops too.

Comedy Blogedy Comedy Blogedy

A blog about live stand-up and sketch comedy run by a student. Includes podcast interviews with up-and-coming acts.

The Velvet Onion The Velvet Onion

A very active blog which talks about the activities of comedians related to the world of The Mighty Boosh.

John Fleming's blog John Fleming's blog

A blog from a gentleman called John Fleming. He posts about comedy once a day, every day. Posts are often about Malcolm Hardee, Kate Copstick, Bob Slayer, Janey Godley, Lewis Schaffer and his other close friends.

The List The List

Comedy articles from Scottish based publication The List. Includes reviews of films and stand-up shows.

Time Out Time Out

Gig listings for London, plus the occassional interview, feature and review too written by Ben Williams.

Laugh Out London Laugh Out London

A blog about the London comedy scene, created and written by some of the up-and-coming comedians who gig in the capital. They also publish some podcasts.

Cook'd and Bomb'd Cook'd and Bomb'd

A website that started life as a Chris Morris fan site but now also features a general (busy) message board and a podcast.

The Poke The Poke

A satirical website which has a habit of creating viral hits, like their Daily Mail version of the tube map and the 'The Nick Clegg Apology Song'.

The Daily Mash The Daily Mash

A regularly updated satirical comedy website.

Newsfox Newsfox

A London-based satirical website, with a writers who aim to deliver riffs off the news... as well as just all out weirdness.

Daily Squib Daily Squib

A satire website posting regular updates to inform you about what is going on in the world, including in UK politics.

The Daily Hawk The Daily Hawk

Another UK-based satire website. It's not quite daily, but does post regularly. It's tagline is 'Scalding Hot News Right In Your Face'.

News Thing News Thing

Satirical website NewsThing is 'one part cutting news satire and nine parts random made-up old nonsense which amused the writers in some way'.

Mustard Mustard Web

An occassionally published comedy magazine, featuring interviews, cartoons and other original content. Sadly it's the only printed comedy magazine still going. Their interviews are very in-depth.

National Association of Liars National Association of Liars

A humour website featuring articles, cartoons, games, poems, spreadsheets, song sheets, flow charts and more (no, honestly).


A website that started life out as a Lee & Herring fan website but has since spread its wings to provide other comedy related content too. Includes a busy forum, a Fringe listings service and annual awards.

Tellyspotting Tellyspotting

This American blog about British television (particularly comedy) comes from the North Texas based PBS TV station Kera. Unlike many US blogs that focus on UK TV, Tellyspotting is both up-to-date and knowledgeable which is why we like it so much.

Den Of Geek Den Of Geek

A website devoted to all things geeky. Their TV section often contains reviews of British comedy shows, and they quite often interview stand-up comedians as well.

On The Box On The Box

A TV listings website with a section called 'Channel Hopping' in which they review that evening's TV offerings.

Dan's Media Digest Dan's Media Digest

Blogger Dan Owen writes some great reviews. His website is somewhat focused on US TV, but he does find time to review a number of comedy shows on an episode-by-episode basis too.

The Custard TV The Custard TV

The Custard is a long-established blog run by a group of TV fans. New British comedy programmes are normally reviewed on the blog using their tried-and-tested 'pros' and 'cons' format.

Comic Relief Comic Relief

The brilliant charity setup and run by comedians which has raised hundreds of millions of pounds. Red Nose Day is every other year in March. They create memorable sketches and shows and raise lots of money in the process.

British Comedy Society British Comedy Society

The British Comedy Society exists to preserve and foster the tradition of British comedy. The society organises events and looks after the dedication of blue plaques to honour famous comedians.

British Comedy Awards British Comedy Awards

The British Comedy Awards, held each December, celebrate the best TV comedies and comedy actors from the last twelve months. Nowadays they're broadcast live on Channel 4.

Edinburgh Comedy Award Edinburgh Comedy Award

The Edinburgh Comedy Award, previously known as the Perrier Award, is linked to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It's UK's most sought after stand-up award.

The Internet Movie Database The Internet Movie Database

IMDb is a very useful resource in many cases. However, its coverage of British television of any particular age or obscurity is patchy at best and should not be relied on as accurate. Nevertheless, it contains information on a wide range of programmes and people.

Wikipedia Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great idea. It's an online encyclopedia which anyone can contribute to. As a result this site has an ever expanding collection of British comedy related entries. You already know this right?

YouTube YouTube

You can find loads of comedy clips on YouTube. Copyrighted material is often removed, but you can still normally find loads of videos of the more mainstream British comedies on the site.

Online Catch-Up Players: BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Channel 4's 4oD

Media UK Media UK

An independent media directory for the UK. This site lists technical signal information and contact details for all the TV channels and radio stations broadcasting in Britain.

Amazon Amazon UK

If you haven't heard of this e-commerce site you are probably the only person who hasn't. Amazon sells just about every comedy book, DVD and video in existence.

The Prize Finder The Prize Finder - UK Competitions

If you're looking for prize draws etc, visit this great website - they publish a massive list of UK-based competitions.

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