Supernova. Paul Hamilton (Rob Brydon). Image credit: Hartswood Films Ltd.


Fish-out-of-water sitcom starring Rob Brydon as a British astronomer sent to work in a remote Australian observatory

2005 - 2006  (BBC Two)
12 (2 series)
Rob Brydon, Hollie Andrew, Kat Stewart, Tim Draxl, Damion Hunter, Peter Kowitz, Kris McQuade, Morgan O'Neill
Harry Cripps
Hartswood Films Ltd

A Rob Brydon sitcom centred around an unworldly British astronomer and his experiences when he is sent to work at an Australian observatory. The astronomer, Dr. Paul Hamilton is forced to adapt to the local customs and climate and his new eccentric colleagues.

Our Review: The BBC expended a huge amount of money and effort on Supernova. Location filming took place in Sydney, Australia and a considerable amount of time was spent finding Australian cast and crew members. The series also featured extensive use of computer graphics which caused further expense.

Despite all of this, the show ran for only two series and failed to secure either impressive viewing figures or positive reviews. An often made criticism was that the supporting characters were underwritten and that the style of humour in the show was too broad. The end result being that Supernova was considered an expensive flop by the BBC which never rose above the level of mediocrity.