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1. Mankind v Nature

First Broadcast: Mon 11th December 2006

Fourteen minutes of perfectly adequate sketch comedy written by and starring BBC New Comedy Award finalist John-Luke Roberts. This pilot decides which is better: Mankind or Nature.

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Series 1 (2007)

1. Science v The Arts

First Broadcast: Fri 20th July 2007

The show that tackles the big arguments and solves them using light entertainment. This week, which is best: science or the arts?

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2. Religion v Atheism (and Other Religions)

First Broadcast: Fri 27th July 2007

John-Luke Roberts studies atheism, contrasting it with his beliefs about religion before deciding which is better.

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3. The Present v Ye Past

First Broadcast: Fri 3rd August 2007

Time is an ever-changing constant but which bit is best, the bit we're in now or something that's already happened? John-Luke Roberts finds out.

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4. Love v Something Better

First Broadcast: Fri 10th August 2007

We are, of course, all in love. But is being in love better than Something Better could be? And even if it is, is it? Are you sure?

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Series 2 (2008)

1. Society vs The Individual

First Broadcast: Tue 8th July 2008

John-Luke Roberts tackles the subject alone, while the audience listens together.

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2. Men vs Women

First Broadcast: Tue 15th July 2008

Who's the best? Let John-Luke Roberts tell you. Don't let the fact that he's a man put you off - he's just as funny as a woman could be.

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3. Apathy vs Effort

First Broadcast: Tue 22nd July 2008

John-Luke Roberts starts to wonder whether apathy is better than effort, but on the other hand can he be bothered?

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4. The Living vs The Dead

First Broadcast: Tue 29th July 2008

The dead may have given us some great people, but will they be able to fight effectively against we living people?

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