Space Hacks

Sci-fi sitcom about Charlie Palmer and Moog Johnson, reporters for intergalatic news corporation IGN

2007 - 2008  (BBC Radio 7)
8 (2 series)
Dan Mersh, Tim Key, Dan Tetsell, Prunella Scales
Stuart Sumner, Ian Simons
British Broadcasting Corporation

Charlie Palmer and Moog Johnson are reporters for IGN, an intergalactic news corporation reporting on alien life under the strict governance of their boss, Korg, They operate from a space ship called the Indolent disguised as a hedge on Clapham Common. Their hideaway comes complete with a computer, Mother, whose baking programme has gone into overdrive.

Sadly, Charlie and Moog have quite a lot of trouble with the 'Space' part of their job. Instead of going into space, they just report things from an Earth perspective. Charlie just wants to leave his job, while Moog wants to travel across the universe.