On The Blog. Image shows from L to R: Andrew J Glasgow (Andy Taylor), Milena (Caroline Quentin). Image credit: Above The Title Productions.

On The Blog

Radio sitcom following the life of Andrew Glasgow, a sad geeky internet blogger who lives at home with his terrifying mother

2007 - 2010  (BBC Radio 2)
18 (3 series)
Andy Taylor, Caroline Quentin, Simon Greenall, Denica Fairman, Kris Dyer, Dave Marks
Kris Dyer, Dave Marks, Andy Taylor
Above The Title Productions

On The Blog is a Radio 2 sitcom about geeky internet blogger Andrew Glasgow, the assiduous keeper of an internet blog.

Part confessional and part performance, blogging has been heralded as the biggest revolution in journalism since the invention of radio but, as Andrew demonstrates, it's really just a jamboree for the kind of people who write round-robins at Christmas and also a massive repository of staircase wit.

Andrew blogs obsessively about his life and loves. In his case, this is a collection of military war-gaming enthusiasts, some tiny painted pewter soldiers, his terrifying Czech mother and the mysterious Mr Demjanjuk.

Our Review: When On The Blog first made its debut on Radio 2 we must confess we didn't bother listening to it - as the premise made it sound like another middle-of-the-road boring and ill-informed comedy programme attacking the internet. We were wrong - it's actually a rather good sitcom, albeit with a poorly chosen title.

On The Blog is essentially just a funny sitcom about a rather sad middle-aged man, still living at home with his mother, who spends most of his time typing out his petty and insignificant thoughts on the internet.

The character of Andrew Glasgow is a fantastic creation by the writers, and has been brought to life brilliantly by actor Andy Taylor, so we're really glad it's now back on the radio for a third series.