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Series 1 (2011)

1. Gelbetia

First Broadcast: Mon 21st February 2011

Brian Gulliver, a seasoned presenter of travel documentaries, finds himself in a hospital's secure unit after claiming to have experienced a succession of bizarre adventures. This week Brian recounts his travels around the medocracy of Gelbetia, a country run by doctors.

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2. Juradia

First Broadcast: Mon 28th February 2011

This week Brian talks about his adventures in Juradia, a country where every other person is a lawyer and has more than 16,000,000 laws, and seemingly utopian Incartia, where there is just one law consisting of two words.

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3. Osminia

First Broadcast: Mon 7th March 2011

This week Brian recounts his travels in Osminia, a country where marriage is outlawed, and how their unusual bodies resulted in Brian finding fame as "The Amazing Catching Man".

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4. Sham

First Broadcast: Mon 14th March 2011

Brian talks to his daughter Rachel about Sham, a country in which alternative therapies are abound, and things such as inventing the broom are illegal.

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5. Erosia

First Broadcast: Mon 21st March 2011

This week Brian recounts his travels in Erosia, a country where the women want to have sex all the time and the men are treated as sex objects.

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6. Jampoa

First Broadcast: Mon 28th March 2011

This week Brian recounts his travels in the country of Jampoa, where the currency is fame and schmoozing is an art form.

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Series 2 (2012)

1. Chamanoa

First Broadcast: Mon 25th June 2012

Still in his hospital secure unit, travel writer Brian Gulliver continues with his tales from the previously undiscovered continent of Clafenia. This week he recounts his travels around the genetically modified Island of Chamanoa, where those who favour nature battle those who support nurture.

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2. Lessington

First Broadcast: Mon 2nd July 2012

This week Brian talks about his adventures in Lessington-on-Sea, where ignorance reigns and everyone wants everything now, and the nearby town of Fewington where everyone is pretentious, intellectual and very strict with grammar.

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3. Gravinia and Plumpf

First Broadcast: Mon 9th July 2012

This week Brian discusses the land of Gravinia, where the military is revered, and is at war with the pacifist country of Plumpf.

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4. Anidara

First Broadcast: Mon 16th July 2012

This week Brian recalls his travels in Anidara, a country where humans are farmed for their meat and experimented upon by strange animals.

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5. Hermicia

First Broadcast: Mon 23rd July 2012

This week Brian talks about the country of Hermicia, which consists of the altruistic Manchevan people and the selfish Cononans.

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6. Kognitia

First Broadcast: Mon 30th July 2012

Brian looks back at his adventures in Kognitia, where people like to easily forget anything bad and people who cannot forget at will are considered "impaired".

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