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British Sitcoms - On Air Now

All About The McKenzies

All About The McKenzies

Next on: Fri 25th Apr @ 9am, London Live.

Performing arts clubs gets axed from school, so Andre goes h... Guide  Catch-Up



Next on: Wed 30th Apr @ 10pm, C4.

There's job opportunities at Broadhill so Kev decides to cle... Guide  Catch-Up



Next on: Wed 30th Apr @ 11:30am, Radio 4.

Miriam Margolyes, Alison Steadman, Morwenna Banks, Jonathan ... Guide  Catch-Up

Miller's Mountain

Miller's Mountain

Broadcasts: Tue 6th May @ 10:35pm, BBC1.

Studio audience sitcom pilot about a ragtag family of Mountain Rescue vo... Guide



Broadcasts: Tue 13th May @ 10:35pm, BBC1.

Studio audience sitcom pilot about a group of monks. Guide

Over To Bill

Over To Bill

Broadcasts: Tue 29th Apr @ 10:35pm, BBC1.

Sitcom pilot starring Hugh Dennis as a weatherman who gets fired and the... Guide



Next on: Mon 28th Apr @ 10pm, BBC2.

St Saviour's is closed and Adam is determined on a change of... Guide  Catch-Up

Secrets And Lattes

Secrets And Lattes

Next on: Mon 28th Apr @ 11:30am, Radio 4.

It's time for the Edinburgh Festival - which means drama and... Guide  Catch-Up

Shaun The Sheep

Shaun The Sheep

A current comedy programme.

Stop-motion animated children's sitcom by Aardman Animations... Guide  Catch-Up



A current comedy programme.

Radio comedy about a community living in sheds on a beach Guide  Catch-Up

Strange Hill High

Strange Hill High

Returns: Tue 29th Apr @ 5pm, CBBC.

When a career assessment comes out with the result of teacher for Mitche... Guide

The T-Boy Show

T-Boy Show, The

Next on: Tue 29th Apr @ 6pm, London Live.

T-Boy must do all he can to woe his sweetheart... but all he... Guide  Catch-Up

The Trip

Trip, The

Next on: Fri 25th Apr @ 10pm, BBC2.

Rob and Steve arrive in Rome where they meet Steve's assista... Guide  Catch-Up

Warren United

Warren United

Next on: Tue 29th Apr @ 10pm, ITV4.

Warren encourages his family to express their support for Br... Guide  Catch-Up

List of British Sitcoms

 A   (Sitcoms Only)

 B   (Sitcoms Only)

 C   (Sitcoms Only)

 D   (Sitcoms Only)

 E   (Sitcoms Only)

 F   (Sitcoms Only)

  • Fiddlers Three
  • Filth (2010)
  • Filthy, Rich & Catflap
  • Finkel's Cafe [Radio]
  • Fire Crackers
  • First Of The Summer Wine
  • Fit For Heroes
  • Fitz, The
  • Flack
  • Flight Of The Conchords, The [Radio]
  • FLIP
  • Floggit's [Radio]
  • Flying Solo [Radio]
  • Flying The Flag [Radio]
  • Flywheel, Shyster And Flywheel [Radio]
  • FM
  • Fo A Fe
  • Follow That Dog
  • Follow That Man [Radio]
  • Fools Rush In
  • Fools' Paradise [Radio]
  • Football Crazy
  • For Better Or For Worse [Radio]
  • For One Horrible Moment [Radio]
  • For Richer For Poorer
  • For Richer... For Poorer
  • For The Love Of Ada
  • For The Love Of Ada [Film]
  • Foreign Affairs (1964)
  • Foreign Affairs (1966)
  • Foreign Bodies (1987)
  • Foreign Bodies (1987)
  • Fosdyke Saga, The [Radio]

 G   (Sitcoms Only)

 H   (Sitcoms Only)

 I   (Sitcoms Only)

 J   (Sitcoms Only)

  • Just A Gigolo
  • Just Around The Corner
  • Just Good Friends (1967)
  • Just Good Friends
  • Just Jimmy
  • Just Juliette [Radio]
  • Just Like Mum
  • Just Liz
  • Just Plain Gardening [Radio]
  • Just William (1976)
  • Just William (1994)

 K   (Sitcoms Only)

  • Kenneth William's Playhouse [Radio]
  • Kerching!
  • Kerry's List [Radio]
  • Ketch! And HIRO-PON Get It On
  • Kevin & Perry Go Large [Film]
  • Kevin Turvey - The Man Behind The Green Door
  • Kids From 47A, The
  • Killing Time
  • Kin Of The Castle
  • Kindly Leave The Kerb

 L   (Sitcoms Only)

 M   (Sitcoms Only)

 N   (Sitcoms Only)

 O   (Sitcoms Only)

 P   (Sitcoms Only)

 Q   (Sitcoms Only)

 R   (Sitcoms Only)

 S   (Sitcoms Only)

 T   (Sitcoms Only)

 U   (Sitcoms Only)

  • Ukridge
  • Uncle
  • Uncle Fred Flits By
  • Uncle Jack...
  • Uncle Mort's Celtic Fringe [Radio]
  • Uncle Mort's North Country [Radio]
  • Uncle Mort's South Country [Radio]
  • Uncle Tulip
  • Under And Over
  • Under One Roof
  • Under The Moon

 V   (Sitcoms Only)

 W   (Sitcoms Only)

 X   (Sitcoms Only)

 Y   (Sitcoms Only)

  • Young At Heart (1980)
  • Young Lady From London, The
  • Young Ones, The
  • Young Person's Guide To Becoming A Rock Star, The
  • Young Postmen, The [Radio]
  • Young, Gifted And Broke
  • Yus, My Dear

 Z   (Sitcoms Only)

  • Zig And Zag's Dirty Deeds
  • Zimbani

 O-9   (Sitcoms Only)

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