Three's A Crowd: writing in a group

Associated London Scripts. Image shows left to right: Eric Sykes, Ray Galton, Beryl Vertue, Spike Milligan, Alan Simpson. Credit: Popperfoto

We've spoken before about the importance of collaboration, and finding fellow travellers whom you can share your comedy writing adventures with.

Co-writing can be a particularly good way of working together. Combinations of writers can be greater than the sum of their parts: each writer's strengths and weaknesses being supported or ameliorated by the other's.

The traditional way of co-writing, in Britain at least, is in a pair. We readily think of Galton & Simpson, Curtis and Elton, Bain and Armstrong. But working in groups larger than two can also bring massive benefits.

Optimising such an approach can take a...

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Published: Thursday 24th August 2023
Lee Mack

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