Spring Sitcom Selection scripts chosen

Friday 7th October 2022, 1:17pm

BCG Pro: Spring Sitcom Selection. Copyright: BCG

Eleven projects have been selected for feedback and potential further development from BCG Pro's Spring Sitcom Selection.

The exclusive opportunity was a sitcom script call via which BCG Pro members aimed to catch the eye of two experienced TV producers actively looking for new projects to develop, Gina Lyons and Jim Poyser.

The writers of each project will now receive feedback on their scripts from Lyons, with some set to be developed towards formal optioning for television.

Those selected are:

Ben S Hyland

The Twins is described as the story of fraternal adult twins Suzy and Stephen, who have simultaneous, unconnected disasters in their lives and are forced to move back home with their odd parents.

Ben says: "I'm thrilled that The Twins has been acknowledged by top comedy producers. Really excited to push it forward and see where these odd characters go. Thank you BCG!"

Caroline Mabey

The logline for her project, Joy, is: "When a 46 year-old, still-living-at-home, kids-party-princess discovers she's pregnant - not menopausal- her staunch resistance to growing up is sharply tested. It's a bumpy ride."

She says: "It's ironic that my first script ever to win a competition is about a lazy, self-absorbed, committed underachiever. And I'm delighted! I've long admired Gina and I can't wait to knuckle down and work with her on Joy."

Hari Kanth

Kothu is a sitcom about a people-pleasing doormat who reluctantly lets his strict, career-focused dad move in with him after he loses his house in Sri Lanka.

He notes: "I'm honoured that my script was selected - and grateful to everyone whose notes and feedback helped shape it! It's comforting to know that all those years spent watching and writing sitcoms instead of hanging with real people weren't a completely bad idea."

Helen Greenwood

Fledgling is a script about a woman's rebirth when she finds herself alone for the first time in 20 years, after her son leaves for university and her husband unceremoniously dumps her in a car park.

Greenwood says: "I am thrilled and really grateful to have been picked for this opportunity, particularly by Gina who I have been following for ages (on Twitter, not in my car or anything) and who is responsible for bringing some really amazing shows to the screen. Congratulations to the other winners too."

Kulvinder Gill

Big Muff is described as "an ensemble workplace sitcom set in a music rehearsal studios and featuring real-life music acts".

Gill says: "Big Muff has been a long-gestating project - over 25 years and three separate pilot episodes endlessly redrafted - so it's hugely gratifying to see it get some recognition. Big thanks to producer Gina Lyons for selecting it and to Andy Booth who came up with the original idea."

Ollie George Clark

Cuttings is a returnable comedy set in a bustling London PR office. Clark describes it as "W1A meets Absolutely Fabulous via The Thick Of It".

He says: "I'm absolutely delighted that Cuttings is one of the chosen scripts for the Spring Sitcom Selection competition. Writing comedy has long been a passion of mine, and I'm over the moon that one of my scripts has been recognised via BCG Pro. Little did I know, starting out as press assistant all those years ago, sourcing newspaper cuttings would lead to this!"

Sebastian Umrigar

Umrigar's script, Public, is about "the jewel in the crown of the British public sector - the local council."

He comments: "I'm absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as one of the winners, and to be working with Gina Lyons. Public is about the wonderful world of local government - I never could have imagined that a job counting empty chairs at the council might one day inspire a script that people enjoy. A huge thank you to both BCG and Gina for the opportunity."

Susan Harrison & Lucy Trodd

Jump In! is an ensemble comedy series, centring on a small-town, adult improv class.

The writing duo say: "We're so chuffed to be winners & are very excited to see where this could take our project. We can't wait to work with Gina Lyons who's a fantastic champion of new comedy. Big thanks to BCG Pro for this incredible opportunity!"

Sylvia-Anne Parker

The 6Ts is a sitcom about Bev, a woman turning 60, being made redundant and learning that her only child is about to leave for the USA with her American husband and her unborn grandchild.

Sylvia-Anne says: "This is my first ever attempt at writing comedy so I'm absolutely over the moon to be selected."

Tom Cottle

Annie And Elspeth is about the mischievous exploits of two elderly, self appointed neighbourhood watch women and "their unorthodox approach to keeping their flagging NWA afloat".

Tom says: "I'm thrilled to bits to have been picked by Gina and Jim for the Spring Sitcom Selection. I'm looking forward to working with them on making this weird little script even better. And well done to the other writers who've managed to bag a place, aren't we clever little buggers."

Tom Critch

Junk is a comedy series about a naff second-hand shop run by Sheila, a woman "who believes she's the Fiona Bruce of antiquities but in reality makes her bread and butter off novelty flip flops and dog eared copies of 50 Shades."

Critch says: "A mahoosive thank you to Gina and all the folks at BCG for putting together this amazing opportunity. At times there's nothing unfunnier than trying to write summat funny so it's a real kick up the bum in the best possible way. If you're thinking of trying - don't try. Do. Or do not. There is no try."

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