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BBC Comedy Script Window 2020 runs 23rd March to 20th April

This year's window to submit comedy scripts to BBC Writersroom is 23rd March to 20th April 2020.

The 'Script Room' for comedy is a chance to send your comedy script unsolicited to the BBC. They'll read scripts for TV, film, radio, stage and online projects, with the aim of finding talented new comedy writers to work with.

They explain: "We look for what the script tells us about the writer. We see all scripts as a calling card to showcase a writer's talent, ability and sense of humour.

"We are especially looking for distinctive voices - and scripts that express those voices. We do not look for more of the same - we look for the writer's ability to pull an audience into a world and hold them in it. It's not necessarily about finding precincts or situations that have 'never been done before' but having an original take on stories that have the potential to have wide breadth of appeal.

"Characters who are well rounded and consistent and who drive the comedy rather than serve it. A sense of storytelling ability - handling of pace, climax, mood."

The submission form will open at 10am on the 23rd March 2020, with the deadline to enter Monday 20th April 2020 at 5pm.

Writers are asked to submit one comedy script of at least 30 full pages in length.

All scripts will be read "blind" in the initial stage to ensure they are judged without bias, so the BBC stresses your name and contact details should not be on the script itself.

Talking about quality control, the BBC emphasise: "We want to see the best possible draft you can achieve. We are not looking for early/first/rough drafts of scripts. Only submit to the Script Room when your script is ready, even if it means waiting for a later Script Room submission window."

For further details and the submission system see

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