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Hodder & Stoughton is a publisher involved in British comedy.

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Products distributed

Year Title Format
2021 Harry Hill's Fight!: Thirty Years Not Quite At The Top New eBook
2021 Phil Wang - Sidesplitter: How To Be From Two Worlds At Once New eBook
2021 Sukh Ojla - Sunny New eBook
2021 Ellie Taylor - My Child And Other Mistakes New eBook
2021 Frank Skinner - A Comedian's Prayer Book Hardback
2021 Pippa Evans - Improv Your Life eBook
2020 Tom Allen - No Shame eBook
2020 Susie Donkin - Zeus Is A Dick eBook
2020 Grace Campbell - Amazing Disgrace eBook
2020 Liam Williams - Homes And Experiences Audiobook
2018 Adam Hills - Best Foot Forward Hardback
2018 Henry Normal - A Normal Family Audiobook
2004 Eddie Braben - The Book What I Wrote: Eric, Ernie And Me eBook
2017 Cold Feet: The Lost Years Hardback
2017 Miranda's Daily Dose Of Such Fun! Paperback
2016 Joe Lycett - Parsnips, Buttered Hardback
2016 Miranda Hart - Peggy & Me Hardback
2015 Nick Frost - Truths, Half Truths & Little White Lies Hardback
2014 The Best Of Miranda - Favourite Episodes Plus Added Treats - Such Fun! Book
2015 My Madder Fatter Diary Book
2013 The Real Mrs. Brown: Brendan O'Carroll - The Authorised Biography Book
2012 Misfits Book
2012 Miranda Hart - Is It Just Me? Book
2011 Misery Bear's Guide to Love... and Heartbreak Book
2011 The Book... That's More Than Just A Book - Book Book
2010 Alexei Sayle - Stalin Ate My Homework Paperback Hardback
2008 Fighting Talk - Flimsy Facts, Sweeping Statements And Inspired Sporting Hunches Book
2007 Graham McCann - Fawlty Towers: The Story Of Britain's Favourite Sitcom Hardback
2015 My Mad Fat Diary Book
2006 I Think The Nurses Are Stealing My Clothes - The Very Best of Linda Smith Book
2006 Graham McCann - Spike & Co. Hardback
2005 The Essential Dave Allen Paperback
2005 Graham Norton - So Me Book
1975 David Forrest - The Great Dinosaur Robbery Paperback
1966 Martin Waddell - Otley Hardback