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Robin Grainger: Robin Time (2022)

The poster for Robin Grainger: Robin Time

I wanted the poster to be vibrant and joyful to match the theme of the show. Andy Laing is a phenomenal photographer who managed to capture a further theme of the show; using time wisely. I wore an awesome colourful outfit by the amazing brand RipnDip which is very eye-catching and cheerful. My designer is the brilliant Dani Alexia who colour-coordinated the lettering and font to match the clothes I wore for the photos. I just love how the final design looked and the image made one audience member come to my show, the story of which has now gone globally viral and has been picked up by every major media outlet, radio station and newspaper in the world, so I have a lot to thank the eye catching poster and flyer for! :)

Dani Alexia
Andy Laing
Robin Grainger
Robin Grainger: Robin Time

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